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Aristocrats and Architects with broken dreams

Then ask yourself, do you believe you'll go to hell

Geeky. English major/creative writing minor. Queer. Highly-caffeinated. Bored. Procrastinating. Shy. Easily distractable.
I'm Thought_ on Twitter.

If I've friended you it's because I find you interesting and I think what you write is worth reading. ...I'm also likely intimidated by your awesomeness. I rarely defriend, unless I'm uncomfortable with our interactions or you've stated clearly that your journal is abandoned. If you friend me and introduce yourself, I'll most likely friend you back, though I'm occasionally twitchy re: new journals with little to no content unless I already know you. Please don't kill me in my sleep, it's rude.

All you need to know. ...no. Seriously. (now flocked for various reasons)

I'm the creater/mod of _scapers_haven

42, abby sciuto, abby/ziva, advocacy, alternate realities, amanda palmer, androgyny, andromeda, anti-abuse of exclamation marks, autumn, bad nineties tv, baking, beka valentine, books, brennan/hodgins, bryan adams, c++, caffeine, cats, chocolate, cilliancrow, cobra starship, coding, coffee, comics, computers, cookies, costumes, costuming, da'an, danny woo, dark angel, dead like me, diana wynne jones, doctor who, douglas adams, earth: final conflict, edward nygma, egypt, english literature, faction paradox, fanfiction, farscape, firefly, fitz/eight, flying purple doorknobs, forever knight, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, gabriel bowman, gambit/storm, garak/bashir, garbage, geeks, gender preference neutral, gender-as-a-social-construct, gibbs/abby, gundam wing, harry potter, harvey dent, harvey/bruce, heather hutchison, hitchhiker's guide, insomnia, judith butler, keith hamilton cobb, labyrinth, lawrence miles, lemon demon, lisa ryder, master/doctor, michael weatherly, mocking people, movies, multiculturalism, music, ncis, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, neverwhere, nietzsche, ororo munroe, oscar wilde, paul mcgann, paul simon, pauley perrette, pie, poetry, postcyberpunk, psychology, queer theory, rain, raphael carter, reading, richard siken, riddler/catwoman, ridiculous fashion choices, sam/callen, screenwriting, selina kyle, shiny things, singing, snakes, starbucks, stark/zhaan, storms, tea, the beattles, the dresden dolls, the dresden files, the ramones, the sixties, the young veins, things better than twilight, things-better-than-the-gender-binary, tori amos, tracker, tracy vetter, tv on dvd, tyr anasazi, vic sage, victorian fashion, walnuts, web design, west wing, william beckett, witchblade, writing